They were best friends and they shared a common first name. But that night, they shared more than a name – they shared me. It was a night that started like many others. The three of us watching movies, laughing and getting into general mischief. But what started out as playful wrestling between them and I, ended with my clothes in a heap, my lipstick smeared, my breathing labored.

How easily the grip he had on my hips in friendly competition turned to lustful clutching, with a simple moan of enjoyment escaping my lips. Every inch of new territory he ventured into, the more vocal my excitement became. I could tell he was somewhat surprised at this turn of events, with a look of surreal contentment across his face. Intently staring, as if to validate his reading of my signals,  I pulled his face down to mine for a kiss, as our friend looked on in silence.

Sweaty from the roughhousing that went on only minutes before, my shirt clung to my body as the weight of his body on top of mine took on new meaning.  He held my arms above my head, pinned against the floor, as I writhed in excitement beneath him.

Freeing my wrists from his grip, I reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants. He read my cue and reached into my pants and wet panties, rubbing his fingers against me in exactly the right spot. With his fingers working busily at continuing to build my arousal, I reached down and pulled out his cock, working it up and down with my purpose.

Looking toward our friend, still quiet, but now with his own stiff cock in his hand, I asked him to come remove my shirt. Abiding my request, he pulled the clingy shirt from my body, exposing my hard nipples only briefly before wrapping his lips around one, and rolling the other between his thumb and finger.

With the two men nearly side by side, their hard cocks within my arms reach, I grabbed them both with impassioned frenzy, and began jerking them off in tandem. I felt their four hands exploring my body, grabbing me and thrusting inside me as their cum covered my hands, one at a time.