Two – Review

Wow, I love fingers. I wholeheartedly dispel the notion that fingers are Two by Wet for Hersomehow a lesser form of sexual gratification than something more phallic shaped (penis, toys, whatever). There is something to be said for getting pleasured by something that is most usually delegated to more banal tasks. It’s naughty, it’s intimate, and it’s a regular part of my bedroom activities. So when offered me a chance to review the Two by Wet for Her, I was a little bit giddy.

So what is this thing? The Two is a 100% silicone finger….uh, sleeve extender thing. It’s slipped onto two fingers, belonging either to yourself or a partner, and used for g-spot stimulation and thrusting. So, how does it fare? Depends on who you ask, but my partner and I really enjoyed it.

First off, if you have larger fingers, this toy is not going to work for you. I have medium sized hands for a woman, my partner has small hands for a man, and while the Two fit our hands comfortably, if we had slightly larger hands, it would have been a tight squeeze. However, this was helpful in that it never slipped off or felt difficult to keep in place.

The Two is minimally bendable, which I found to it’s benefit. It’s soft silicone made it comfortable for thrusting, but the stiff molding made it very effective for g-spot stimulation. Though I wasn’t expecting it because of the shape, the Two made it easy to obtain the desired “come hither” position without nearly as much effort. With less effort, came sustained stimulation, which caused some serious squirting. I was obviously extremely pleased with that! Where the Two did not fare as well with me was solo play. While the Two made for somewhat more comfortable insertion than just plain fingers, it was a little intrusive in blocking clitoral access. Also, I found that I spent way more effort trying to maintain the right position for insertion than I would had I just reached for a g-spot dildo.

One other thing that worried me was that having silicone covering over my partner’s fingers would take intimacy out of the equation. Fortunately, in my opinion, this is not so. In fact, my partner felt that the Two was a good happy medium between a dildo and using his fingers. He said that he felt more involved by using the Two than he would have if he’d been using something more detached, like the Tantus Silk we frequently use. Frankly, using the Two over his fingers was no less intimate than using a condom or latex gloves during sex.

I really like the Two. It’s easy to use, has always made for a guaranteed squirting orgasm, and helped bridge the gap between toys and manual stimulation. Thanks to for sending me the Two to review. Want to try one yourself? Check them out, they’re priced very reasonably!