The Toyfriend Bunny – Review

I should probably give up on reviewing new vibrators. Fact is, I’ve fallen in love with my Hitachi and in spite of giving lots of new toys a “fair shot”, nothing compares to my beloved Hiatchi.

Just look at this nifty chart I made; even toys that I have found to be extremely enjoyable don’t even come close to the wizardry that is the Hitachi Magic Wand:

So, for the sake of leveling the playing field, I’ve decided to pretend the Hitachi doesn’t exist when I’m trying new toys…it’s just not even close to comparable.

Enter the Toyfriend Bunny. Now here’s the thing, I can appreciate toys with moderate to low levels of vibration. Even if they aren’t strong enough to accomplish the task at hand, I enjoy low strength vibrators as a kind of pre-game show. And looking at the shape of the Toyfriend Bunny, I thought it might be good for nipple stimulation. It’s little bunny ears could potentially be good for a bit of pinching and vibrating.

The problem is, pinching seems to be this toy’s only valuable asset. I knew it wouldn’t be a strong vibrator, as it’s powered by one of those weird N batteries, but the vibrations from the Toyfriend Bunny barely even seem to make it through the silicone with which it’s covered. Really, really dull. In fact, I’d venture to say that the vibration that barely jolts my pockets via iPhone are stronger than the Toyfriend Bunny.

The Toyfriend Bunny seemed to have the potential for some g-spot stimulation, but it was way too short to reach anything, even in my admittedly shallow vagina. While technically the insertable length is 4.5 inches, the curved area which had potential to stimulate the g-spot is only about 2 inches in and thus inaccessible. Perhaps if the Bunny were more flexible, it could have worked, but there is no give in the shape of this toy. This rigidity, along with the measly 3 inch girth, brought the dilemma of jabbyness…and as a wise woman once said, “I do not enjoy things that JAB ME.”

So is there anything going for the Toyfriend Bunny? Sure. It’s waterproof, silicone, decently packaged. Also, it has a strange little plastic piece ‘for display’ included. I guess if displaying underwhelming and lackluster gadgets is your thing, that would be pretty perfect. Personally, I think I’ll put mine on the mantle between my “Last Place in the Spelling Bee” trophy and my “Hey, at least you finished” diploma.

Thanks to for giving me a chance to review this toy.