Sliquid Organics Massage Oil – Review

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a massage therapist by trade. Because of my training and hands on experience, I have a decent amount of insight as to what constitutes a good, quality massage product. While browsing Pleasure Galaxie, I was pleased to find they offered so many massage oils, candles, and lotions. So, I asked if they would be kind enough to send me some of their best massage products to review, and wow, did they deliver! The package they sent was so full, I will be devoting an entire series of posts to the massage products Pleasure Galaxie carries! This first post will be both a review and a kind of how to guide for looking for an oil you like.

The first thing I tried was the Sliquid Organics Massage Oil. Pleasure Galaxie sent two scents: The Rejuvenation Mandarin basil scent and the Tranquility Coconut-lime Verbena scent. Oils are something that can vary so much product to product, which means it is definitely not something you can just make a ‘one size fits all’ decision about. When choosing an oil, there are many things to keep in mind, ranging from ingredients to preference of the person receiving the massage.

As a massage therapist, I like to use natural products, free of synthetic scents. Why? First, many people get sick from perfumes and other synthetic scents…having a synthetically scented oil or lotion during for someone who is sensitive can ruin the whole experience. However, that doesn’t mean you need always avoid scents altogether. So what should you be looking for? Essential oils, rather than fragrance oils – these two things are NOT the same. Fragrance oils are basically perfume mixed with oil. Essential oils are scents made directly from the root, bark, petal, or peel of fruits or flowers. So when I see a product made with “fragrance oil”, it had better be perfect in every other way for me to consider using it.

The Sliquid Organics Massage Oils are somewhat confusing when looking at the ingredients. Everything in them are natural, vegan, and paraban free, however, the last ingredient is kind of cryptic: “Natural essence of Basil…Mandarin….Lime.” That doesn’t really say essential oil, but based on the other ingredients, I don’t think it’s a fragrance oil. In any case, the list of ingredients for both products is pretty great:
Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, mango and shea butter, vitamin E, flax, green tea, hibiscus, aloe, and natural essence of basil/mandarin/lime.

These natural seed and nut based oils create a great mixture. When I’m giving a professional massage, I tend to use grape seed oil, so I’m always pleased to see it in a blended massage oil. Many other professionals like to use sweet almond oil and shea butter, so seeing these oils included are also promising.

I wanted to give these oils the real test and use them on a client. I chose someone who knows reviewing is another venue of mine, and asked if he would mind being my guinea pig. With him happy to oblige, I gave an hour massage using the Tranquility oil.

The scent, noticeable but subtle, was enjoyable. I didn’t think it smelled perfume-y at all. The only complaint I can see some people having would be that it smells a bit “tanning oil-esque”, just because of the coconut. I happen to like the smell of coconut oil, but some people may not. If that is the case, going for the Rejuvenation oil (scented with Mandarin and basil) would be a better choice.

The glide on this oil is spectacular. I used a very modest amount during a rather intense massage (the poor guy needed lots of work!). The Sliquid Organics Oil absorbed into his skin slowly, keeping me from having to frequently reapply. And obviously, for the sake of being cost effective, the less oil needed during a massage, the better. I was able to use my fingers, arms, and elbows on his body with the Tranquility Oil as seamlessly as I would with any professional level oil. There was no slippery overabundance of glide nor sticky, tacky residue like there are with many oils.

After the massage, the oil seemed to have absorbed enough that it didn’t leave his skin sticky. He was able to dress without worry of the oil staining his clothing. I can say with confidence, the Sliquid Organics Oil worked perfectly as a professional grade massage oil. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it on another client or at home for personal use. The scents are very unoffensive and the blend of oils is top shelf.

Want to try the Sliquid Organics massage oils? Pleasure Galaxie has them at a very reasonable price, especially for something of such high quality. And while I haven’t tried the Sliquid lubes, they are made from equally high quality ingredients…if they’re of the same caliber as these massage oils, they’re bound to be amazing. Thanks to Pleasure Galaxie for sharing this fantastic massage oil with me!