Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe – Review

It must be said: Fascinations is a top quality Sex Shop. Everything I’ve reviewed for them has gone far beyond expectation. Their quality of both service and product have been nothing but the best. So, when Fascinations decided to send me the Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe, a luxurious vibrator of the highest quality, I can’t say I was surprised….carrying toys of this quality fits Fascination’s modus operandi to a T.

When I first opened the plain brown box it was shipped in, I inspected the sleek packaging the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe came in for quite some time. It’s beautiful! There is a white outer sleeve type of box that surrounds a matte finish black box, which makes it look similar to a book box set, or a DVD box set. Inside, there is a foam insert that perfectly cradles the vibrator, while also presenting it as something special. The little touches like this really make a difference to me. If this vibrator had come in a cheap clam shell style container plastered with tits and porno vag, I would be less apt to take it seriously as the luxurious product it’s meant to be. Score one, Ophoria.

Tucked underneath the foam insert was an instruction booklet, a warranty card (one year against defects in materials and workmanship!), batteries (always a lovely touch), and…….are you ready for this?……a leather, satin lined carrying pouch. WTF?! I can’t even convey how epic that made this toy before I even tried it. Classy and discreet. Score two, Ophoria!

I pulled the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe out and popped in the batteries that were included in the box. After twisting the cap back on, I pushed the button, and to my horror (yeah, ok, melodramatic, but the tease this vibrator was giving me can only be described as “Blue Belles”, or lady blue balls) the vibrator did not turn on!

I twisted the cap back off to make sure I had correctly placed the batteries. Indeed I had, so I was afraid I had gotten a defective toy. I twisted the cap back on, pushed the button again, and voila! It turned on. Apparently, this toy, like many others that have crossed my path, is quite finicky about having the cap closed just so or it won’t turn on. Ok, a little annoying, but in the grand scheme, nothing to make or break the Bliss 1 for me.

The controls, located on the top portion of the toy, are activated by a small push button. Holding the button down for five seconds turns the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe off, and each push cycles through the speeds and patterns.

There are three speeds and a plethora of pulsation patterns. Thankfully, instead of trying to cleverly come up with a way to describe the patterns, Ophoria was kind enough to include descriptions in the instruction booklet:

Continuous Vibration types: Soft, Intermediate, Intense.

Building Vibrations: Peaks (rising and falling), Teaser ( subtle, yet surprising), Mambo (rhythmic and enticing)

Pulsating Vibrations: Spellbound (sweeping and strumming), Thrum ( empowering and releasing), Quiver (trembling and transporting)

Perhaps, this is a little more vague than helpful, so I’ve included a video to help you hear the patterns. Keep in mind, I’m using this vibrator against a wooden desk, so it’s louder than it is during normal use. Under the circumstance of personal use, the Bliss 1 is actually very quiet.

So once I had the batteries in place and the intensity I wanted selected (intense, no pulsation), I put the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe to work! I noted in the instruction booklet that vibrations are more intense when the toy is laid flat, and softer when used in a pin pointed manner. I’m a girl who likes STRONG, pin pointed vibrations, so I was a little skeptical that this was going to be the toy for me.

After a couple minutes, my skepticism was growing and I feared I would have to pull out another toy to finish the job. Alas, nearly 20 minutes later, when I was on the verge of giving up, an orgasm of extreme strength snuck up on me. I was not using any other toy or fingers for g-spot stimulation, and I still managed to squirt from ONLY clitoral stimulation with the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe. OMG!

I laid there, puzzling over this magical orgasm which manifested out of thin air and exhausted from having to jerk off for so long. After I collected my thoughts and my breath, I decided I liked it. A lot.

Like any good reviewer, I had to test the toy out several more times to make sure I gave it a good run before writing about it. And every time, I had the same phenomenon of little to no build up, then BAM, an orgasm made of unicorn tears and rainbows (read: AMAZING).

One problem I ran into was that if I clenched the top of the cap too hard, the vibrations would fizzle out. This, again, is related to the cap needing to be on the vibrator in exactly the right place for it to properly work. But, this was not a huge deal to me.

So, despite not fitting into my comfy style of self play and a couple design hiccups, the Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe gets my thumbs up.

Let’s talk details:
The Bliss 1 Mini Vibe is made of 100% Japanese medical grade silicone on the bottom. The cap and controls are ABS, and there is a metal divider where the cap and vibrator meet. This means that the lower portion of the toy is sterilizable, by way of bleach solution, but cannot be boiled or dishwasher sterilized, as the controls are not waterproof. Which, unfortunately, also means you can not take this toy into your bath or shower.

Also, because the Bliss 1 Mini Vibe is silicone, it’s important to remember to use only water based lubes, as silicone and oil lubes will destroy your toy!

The Bliss 1 is 5″ x 1 1/4″ and it uses two AA batteries. I would say about 3.5 inches are (vaginally only) insertable, but I find it works better externally. The instruction manual notes that with each set of new batteries, you can expect 3.5 hours of uninterrupted playtime!

Interested in trying an Ophoria Bliss 1 Mini Vibe of your own? Fascinations is offering it at 15% off right now, available in noir or indigo.

Thanks to Fascinations Adult Superstore for sending me this amazing vibrator to review!