Mark – Review

I’ve attempted to write my review on Mark five times now. As with every other review I’ve written, I sit down at my desk with the toy itself and a cup of coffee. This time, out of necessity, I’ve banished Mark to the confines of my night stand. Every time I start writing about it and how fucking spectacular it is, I give up mid-review to go jerk off again. So, for the sake of finally alerting the rest of the world to my fondness toward The Mark, I’ve decided to keep him out of sight.

As soon as I took Mark out of the box, I could tell this dildo was unlike any I’d tried before. Like all of Tantus’ other dildos, Mark is made with high quality silicone. But, what makes Mark special is the fact that he looks and feels like a real penis. The inner core of the dildo is made with firm, stiff silicone, while the outer covering is a slightly squishier silicone, not unlike skin. Complete with faux veins running along the shaft, Mark is also special in that he conducts body heat. Holding him in your hand for a minute or so warms the silicone to body temperature. While I have not yet tried a Vixskin toy, I presume this is Tantus’ attempt to compete in the “ultra realistic” fuck toy market. I can’t compare Vixskin vs. Mark, but I can certainly say Mark feels like a real penis.

Mark has a flared base, so he’s perfect for harness play and anal penetration *in theory*. He’s fairly sizable, at 1.5″ in girth and I haven’t yet made the attempt. It is available in three different colors: Caramel, Chocolate, and Vanilla. In other words: White/Hispanic, Black, and Ghost. Really, maybe it’s just the picture, but that vanilla one looks pretty fucking pale. The caramel one matches my skin tone pretty well, and I wouldn’t say I’m darkly complected, by any means.

Mark is a little pricey, at $83, but I certainly say it is a “money well spent” purchase, if you’re in the market for a realistic, harness ready dildo. In my experience, Tantus always has high quality, durable products and are worth the money spent.

Want? You should. Babeland can set you up.
Thanks to Babeland for sending me Mark to review!