Lucky: A Woman’s POV – review

Mainstream porn is lacking in so many vital areas. How many times have you watched a porn that contained footage of a woman who weighs more than 115 pounds? How many times have you seen a porn where a woman has a legitimate orgasm? Or how about a porn with a woman who has small breasts, instead of massive silicone implants? Unless you’re rummaging through the “niche” sections, you’re unlikely to find something as I’ve described.

Those are some of the reasons I really enjoyed Lucky:A Woman’s POV. Directed by mega hottie, Madison Young, Lucky is a film which follows Ms. Young and some other lovely ladies as they get properly fucked in Las Vegas. The footage is shot by the person on the receiving end, which makes for some sexy, albeit shaky, material.

Scene one features Madison Young and Sarah Blake. The two are alone in a hotel room in Las Vegas, before the night out begins. Without wasting much time at all, Madison is in bed with a waiting Sarah knelt between her legs. Right off the bat, I’m loving the fact that Sarah, who is absolutely gorgeous, has a bit of curve to her body. I wouldn’t say she is chubby, but she is certainly not the standard “every rib is visible” porn star.

Madison and Sarah have an immediate chemistry, which makes the scene that much better. The two begin with Madison lying on the bed, still in her black high heels, and Sarah pawing at her panties. After some friendly banter between the two, Sarah removes Madison’s panties and employs various methods, including oral and the oft praised Hitachi Magic Wand, in the quest to make her bed fellow come. Madison’s pleasure is audible through the entirety of the scene, both when she is climaxing and when the two girls switch places and Sarah is on the receiving end. This scene was probably my favorite of the whole film!

Scene two stars Akira Raine and Casey Grey. These two ladies are both gorgeous, tattooed, and pierced. Aesthetically pleasing, for sure. Watching Akira and Casey playfully smear each other’s make up, only to end up in the shower with a strap on was a viewing experience I definitely appreciated, but what struck me most about this scene was Akira Raine’s appearance. Not only is she a bit pudgy in the belly, but she also has small breasts. She looked like an average girl, just getting into sexy mischief, a fantasy plenty of us can relate to….and isn’t that exactly what the purpose of porn is? Fantasy!

The next few scenes are a bit of a break from the realm of a “normal” porn. We first see Madison Young and Dylan Ryan, who is just amazingly gorgeous, begin to engage in sex, only to be interrupted by some sort of commotion outside their hotel room. It ends up being a little funny, and they don’t actually finish what they started until later in the film. But more on that later.

We then get to hear Madison open up about relationships, sex, and feminism a bit, before she heads out to the hotel lobby, where she meets up with Courtney Trouble, Dylan Ryan, and Jiz Lee….several ladies after my heart. A little playful chatting and some silliness involving Dylan making a wish in the fountain with her toes makes this scene another that you wouldn’t find in your standard, mainstream porn.

The next scene threw me totally off! We follow Madison into the hotel room of two lovely ladies who are doing some role playing and my first thought is, “wow, this girl looks awfully familiar”. Though credited as Scarlett Chaos, it didn’t take me long to figure out that Ms. Chaos is none other than THE Essin Em. YES! I quickly informed my guests, who were over to view Lucky, that I KNOW this girl! How exciting! Anyone who knows Essin Em can see why I was ecstatic to see her in this film: Not only is she a wonderfully sex positive and charming woman, she is curvy and proud! There is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence, and Essin Em does confidence well.
After the initial shock and excitement of seeing a porn with someone I actually know subsided, I watched as she and Kimberlee Cline engaged in some very hot casting couch role playing with what appeared to be the Lelo Iris, lots of oral, and some strap on play. Win.

The last scene is the reunion of Madison Young and Dylan Ryan. It can’t be said enough – Dylan Ryan is just beautiful and I love to see her in anything. But this scene in particular is super hot. Why? Because the ladies not only engage in more oral play, but they use a combination of the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Njoy Pure Wand. I know it’s kind of weird to lust after a toy, but the Njoy Pure Wand needs to be in my toy collection, like yesterday. I’ve heard so many stories of it’s amazingness and I was thrilled to see it in use. (This might be a good opportunity to beg one of the companies for which I review to send me one to review please PLEASE?). Anyway, it clearly accomplished the task at hand, which was making Madison Young come and making my vagina want the Pure Wand even more.

I really enjoyed this film. Not only was the eye candy plentiful, but the wide spectrum of ladies featured was something to be applauded. Too often, porn becomes something which alienates and shames half of their audience by showing girls made of little more than bleach blond extensions, silicone breasts, and post labiaplasty vuvlas. It’s not real life, and it’s not beautiful for everyone to look like carbon copies of whoever Hugh Heffner is boning these days. I want to enjoy real people having real orgasms!

Thanks to Good Vibes, a great place to find sex toys and sex positive porn, for sending me Lucky: A woman’s POV to review! Want to see it yourself? Good Vibes has a multitude of options for purchasing if you’d like to either watch per minute or own your own copy.