Jimmyjane Beyond Euphoric Massage Lotion – Review

By now, I’m sure you’re all fully aware that I am in the Massage Therapy business. With my professional insights into what makes a good massage product, I’ve had to opportunity to review several kinds of lotions, oils, and candles. Babeland, a trusted sex shop, carries not only a wide variety of sex toys, lubes, and bondage gear, but they also carry a fair number of massage products. One such item that struck my eye, was the Jimmyjane Beyond Euphoric massage lotion. Having reviewed a Jimmyjane massage product before, I was hopeful that the Beyond Euphoric lotion would be another smashing success.

The Jimmyjane Beyond Euphoric lotion, scented with essential ylang ylang oil and essence of lime, has a very pleasant smell. I’ve mentioned before my reservations with using products scented with synthetic chemicals….it’s a bad idea and likely to cause a headache. This lotion is not something that should cause a problem in that arena.

The other ingredients in the Beyond Euphoric lotion (water, safflower seed oil, emulsifying wax, caprylic triglyceride, coconut oil, monoi oil, rose root extract, coconut extract, ylang ylang oil, lime oil, vitamin E, vitamin C ester, vitamin C, xanthan, potassium sorbate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol) are a bit more controversial, as far as natural vs. synthetic goes. The ones that are clearly recognizable items are pretty straightforward, the ‘gylcol/glycerides’ etc. are actually preservatives and emulsifyers. The good news? They’re not the most toxic kind of chemicals that can be used to preserve the products. The bad news? There is plenty of literature floating around online providing valid arguments against using these chemicals. I’ll let you do your own research and draw your own conclusion. One thing we can say for certain: the Beyond Euphoric lotion is properly scented without using fragrance oils!

So how did this lotion perform? Not as well as I’d hoped, I’m afraid. The initial feeling of the lotion in my hands was slick and non greasy – the perfect consistency for a quality massage. However, I found that it absorbed into my skin rather quickly. Just giving a standard rub between my hands, to warm the lotion and spread it evenly in my hands, it absorbed nearly right away. There is no way it would stand up during a massage, professional or otherwise. Even keeping it around as a hand lotion has been futile, as I find my hands are quite dry after using it.

Sigh. I’m pretty bummed that the Beyond Euphoric lotion didn’t stand up to the strong reputation built by their amazing contour stones. If you’d like to try it for yourself or see what other massage goodies you can find, head over to Babeland.

Thanks to Babeland for letting me review this lotion!