Intimate Organics Energizing Massage Oil – Review

The next massage product I tried from Pleasure Galaxie was the Intimate Organics Energizing Massage Oil. With the label touting certified organic ingredients and aromatherapy, I though this might be a good oil to try.

First, let’s familiarize with the term ‘aromatherapy’. Aromatherapy is a way to increase cognitive function, health, and/or mood, using essential oils and other plant extracted scents. So immediately, we know that for a product to be truly aromatherapeutic, it must contain essential oils, rather than fragrance oil.

Opening the bottle, I immediately smelled the orange, spicy scent. Citrus scents and spicy scents are typical blends for boosting energy….so far, so good. Flipping the bottle over to check the ingredients, almost every thing looked great. Almost.

Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Aroma, Vitamin E, Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Certified Organic Goji Berry Extract, Certified Organic Lemongrass Leaf/Stem Extract, Certified Organic Aloe Extract.

The blend of oils? Fantastic! The goji, the lemongrass, the aloe? All great! So what’s with the “aroma” added? The problem with adding something so vague as “aroma” is that you really have no idea what it is. In all likelihood, it’s not an essential oil. If you’re adding an essential oil into a massage oil being labeled as aromatherapy, it is likely to be clearly listed in the ingredients, providing proof of it’s legitimacy as aromatherapeutic. Scent gripes aside, the Intimate Organics Oil is not a bad oil by any means….I just wish they’d make it scentless or stick with essential oils if they’re labeling it as aromatherapy. The good news is, it’s vegan, paraben free and DEA free.

The performance of the Intimate Organics Massage Oil is quite nice. The blend of oils is not unlike that of the Sliquid Organics Oil, so the glide was quite similar. I was able to give a standard relaxation massage, using moderate to heavy pressure, without feeling like I was slipping all over the place. It absorbed slowly, making a little bit of this oil go a long way. Once it was absorbed, it left my skin neither sticky nor greasy.

Another thing I found as a great use for this oil was to put a few drops into a hot bath. Though the oil doesn’t mix in the water, it separates enough to basically coat your body. When I do this, I’m able to shave in the tub without adding any kind of shaving cream or lotion to my body.

All in all, I like this oil. But for both professional massages and at home fun, if I were given the choice between the Intimate Organics Massage Oil or the Sliquid Organics Oil, I’d choose the Sliquid.

Thanks, Pleasure Galaxie, for sending me this oil to review! Wanna try some? Click!