Hitachi Magic Wand – Review

Oft described as “The Cadillac of Vibrators“, the reputation of the Hitachi Magic Wand precedes itself. Everyone who knows anything about sex toys has heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand and how amazing it is. With legend of it’s supreme power already canvassed across the interwebz, I gathered that reviewing it wouldn’t be a possibility – but Fascinations decided to heed my request and sent me one to review anyway!

Labeled as a ‘personal massager’, I’ve never really known anyone to use it for it’s intended purpose, and I’m no exception. Any therapist worth their salt will tell you that vibrators are both exceedingly inappropriate and unnecessary to use during professional massages. For personal use, I find vibration to be annoying during massage. It’s just not relaxing in any way, to me. At any rate, the intended purpose is ‘personal massager’, and I suppose it could be used as such if one so desired. However, the use most popular use of the Hitachi Magic Wand is external clitoral stimulation.

Aesthetically, it’s nothing special. In fact, I’d even say it’s a bit ugly and bulky. It’s also not sterilizable, so if you’re sharing, you have to either place a condom over the cap or purchase a separate silicone cap. It’s powered by a plug into the wall, instead of batteries, making it sound not unlike a fucking blender. Even with all of these complaints mounted against the Hitachi Magic Wand, it’s still the most amazing vibrator I’ve ever had.

The vibrations are powered by a simple flip switch, with either low or high power. They are SO powerful that when I use it alone, I usually keep it on low without even removing my pants, resulting in an orgasm in less than 3 minutes. It’s THAT strong.

Using it as a M/F couple has proven to be a little difficult. As I mentioned, it’s bulky. I find that whenever my partner thrusts, it either bumps into me, or out of the place I want it. We have to be very slow in order for it to be enjoyable. It is also something that gets me off so quickly, that it takes away from the experience in a way that makes things feel somewhat utilitarian. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy it, but it’s certainly turns sex into a Cliff’s Notes version. Thankfully, the cord, by which the Hitachi receives power, is long enough to reach any position you may want to try!

For F/F couples, the Hitachi Magic Wand appears to lend well to an amazing experience. I got a good look at the Hitachi in action with F/F couples in a porn I’ll be reviewing shortly, and everyone involved seemed to be enjoying themselves without any awkward positioning troubles.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is not waterproof, so be sure to carefully clean your toy with toy cleaner or wipe down the head with some soap and water.

In a nutshell, there is plenty of well deserved hype about the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s incredibly powerful and certainly leaves one feeling satisfied. The Magic Wand is truly sets a standard for other vibrators to try to live up to! Thanks to Fascinations Adult Superstore , an amazing sex shop with only the best selection, for sending me this toy to review! Want to try one yourself? You won’t be disappointed – I promise!