Fancy Me Sampler Kit – review

As a massage therapist, I am very particular about the kinds of oils and lotions I like to use. Most often, I find that massage oil marketed toward couples and those not in the massage profession tend to be incredibly inefficient, watery, and often accompanied by an over powering scent. So when GoodVibes offered me a chance to review their Fancy Me Sampler Kit, I was somewhat skeptical that this massage and bubble bath set would get my stamp of approval.

The Fancy Me Sampler Kit comes available in four different scent options: English Lavender, French Vanilla, Pomegranate Mint, and Morning Dew. The kit I was scent came in Morning Dew, and while the scent is less offensive than many others I have encountered, I am still not a fan of perfume scents going into massage products. A better, more natural approach is to go with some essential oils for scent, as many people have an aversion to synthetic scents.

Fortunately, the less than spectacular scent was the only thing I didn’t absolutely love about this set. The Fancy Me Kit comes with a 2oz bottle of Soothe Me bubble bath, a 2oz bottle of Knead Me massage lotion, a 2oz bottle of Touch Me massage oil, a 2oz Ignite Me massage candle, and a 1oz Rub Me massage bar, all in a decorative drawstring mesh bag.

The bubble bath was the first thing I tried. The funny thing about the bubble bath is that the little blurb on the back of the bottle indicates that it is scented with essential oils, however, it’s definitely not, as clearly stated in the ingredients. Though I must admit, the confusion between essential oils and fragrance oil is a personal pet peeve of mine…so I don’t expect everyone to pounce on this inconsistency unless they’re looking specifically for essential oils in their bubble bath.

I digress. The bubbles generated from the Soothe Me bubble bath were lovely. I would say each bottle should provide at least four good baths with a good amount of bubbles. I was quite pleased that there was some shea butter included in the ingredients, as many times, I find myself feeling too dry after a bath if I don’t add a little grape seed oil. The shea butter made the bath feel silky, but not greasy. Very nice.

The Touch Me massage oil is spectacular. Made with the base of sweet almond oil, it is a professional grade massage oil. And I put it to the true test! I asked a regular client if he would mind if I tested out a new oil on him. After doing a sniff test on the aforementioned Morning Dew scent, he gave me the green light.

I used about a quarter of the bottle over the course of a one hour deep tissue massage and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how well the oil performed. It moisturized his skin enough to create a perfect glide, with no slippery mess and without reapplying frequently. I was able to use my fingers, arms, and even elbows on his back with this oil as seamlessly as I do with my usual go-to massage oil. In fact, I carry this bottle around in my purse, just in case one of my pals has a massage related need while we’re on the go. The little bottle fits in my purse much better than the larger bottle I normally use during regular sessions.

The Knead Me lotion is nice, because it’s got some good oils in it (walnut, almond, sunflower). However, I’ve been using it for more of a hand lotion, as this is not great for massage. It dries very quickly, and you would end up going through the entire bottle for a half hour massage. It’s just not practical. But, for a quick refresher on dry hands and elbows, this lotion does the trick.

I loved the Ignite Me candle. It’s made of soy wax (with fragrance oil added as well) and comes in a small, round tin. The scent emitted during burning was not overpowering, but noticeable. When the flame is blown out, the wax can be used for a quick, heated massage. I found the wax was great for foot massage, as the thick wax against the thicker skin of the foot provided a good glide without being overly slippery and messy. Also, I found it wonderful for putting on my legs after shaving!

The Rub Me massage bar is a round, flat disc of solidified oil that melts when it gets heated by the warmth of your hands and the friction of the massage. It’s made of cocoa butter, shea butter, and fragrance oil. The only drawback is the scent. The Morning Dew scent is actually a bit overpowering and I’ve shied away from using it a lot only because of that. But I did test it out, and it worked wonderfully. Using it for 20 minutes barely put a dent into it, so I expect it to last a long time!

Thanks again to Good Vibes, a great company for sex toys and lots more, for sending me the Fancy Me Sampler Kit to review!

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