Flexi Felix – Review

It’s no secret – I’m not exactly schooled when it comes to anal play. When I began experimenting used a fairly large toy that almost scared me away all together. But, after I calmed down and regrouped, I decided I would keep my eyes open for a more realistic starting point and try again.

Fascinations thought a good choice for me might be the Fun Factory Flexi Felix anal beads. The Flexi Felix beads are only 1″(the largest bead) in diameter and the chain has 10″ of insertable length, which I felt was a much more reasonable place to begin.

So far so good. But, oh, I was nervous.

The day I got my package from Fascinations, I knew what was inside awaiting me – the toy that would be my first. I opened the box with trepidation, first noting how discreet and well packaged it was. Inside was the 100% silicone toy itself, a few inserts with directions and photos of some other amazing Fun Factory toys, as well as a small package of water based lube.

Now, while I’d never successfully completed any anal play before, I knew from other people’s experiences that being fully aroused before beginning was immensely helpful. Not a problem. Using my trusty hand made glass dildo and my perfect pet vibe, I set out to get myself excited, but not fully climax before the Flexi Felix was in place.

When I reached my goal of arousal, I put the dildo and vibe down, and opened the package of lube. Using the whole packet, I lubed both myself and the Flexi Felix up. LOTS of lube.

Insertion was…..interesting. It was uncomfortable initially, until each bead popped in all the way, but once the beads were IN, they felt nice. And with the Flexi Felix, the beads gradually get slightly larger as you get closer to the head, so I felt like by the time I got to the largest, I was well prepared.

Once all five beads were in place, I took a few moments to get used to the feeling. It was….different. Not unenjoyable, but certainly unfamiliar. After I familiarized myself with the sensation of anal stimulation, I grabbed my perfect pet vibe and went back to clit stimulation. Wow. That was very nice.

When I found myself at the brink of climax, I grabbed my glass dildo and inserted it. The sensation of being stimulated both vaginally and anally simultaneously was nothing short of fantastic. Each thrust with the dildo kind of nudged the beads for more internal stimulation. I really enjoyed that.

I quickly climaxed and again, I enjoyed the stimulation the Flexi Felix provided while inserted.

And then some scary stuff happened. For some reason, I just assumed that taking the beads out would be as simple as a gentle tug. I mean, a dildo slips right out of my vag when I’m done using it…should be the same concept, right? Well….no. Not at all. Removing the Flexi Felix was a bit of an ordeal, only because I didn’t know what to expect. I put my fingers in the cute/weird little eye holes and gently tugged. Nothing.

At this point, I immediately get irrationally worried that I won’t be able to get it out. This, obviously makes things more…..tense….and thus makes removal even more difficult.

I realized the error I made, and willed myself into a calm place. Then, once I was fully relaxed, I prepared myself for some pressure, and gently pulled.

Whew! One down, four to go. And because they were being removed, the biggest bead was the first one out, so things got easier with each bead removal.

Once the Flexi Felix was safely removed, I was able to easily clean it under running water. And because it is 100% silicone, I was also able to boil it to sterilize (you can also bleach it or throw it on the top shelf of your dishwasher with no soap) so it can be shared between partners after sterilizing. If you aren’t planning to sterilize, but plan to share, make sure to use a condom over the Flexi Felix.

Let’s talk about this toy. The quality of the Flexi Felix is impeccable. No obvious seams, medical grade silicone, beautiful color (available in black and pink), and very affordable. Also, take note that because it is silicone, only water based lubes are safe for this guy.

I’m extremely impressed with not only the quality of the Flexi Felix, but with Fascinations for carrying high quality toys like this at affordable prices. Thanks to Fascinations for helping this anal newbie take the plunge!

Want to try the Flexi Felix anal beads yourself? Or maybe you’d like to check out some of the other high quality selection Fascinations carries? Go ahead, check out the links!

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