The Expert Guide to Fellatio – review

It’s safe to say, I’ve given a blow job or two in my life. I may even go as far as saying, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I know how to incorporate my hands when a cock is too big for my mouth, I know that breaks are sometimes necessary, and I know that the balls are important to remember. Even with this vast (read: basic) knowledge, I also try to keep in mind that you can never have too much info. So, when
Babeland offered me the chance to review Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Fellatio, I thought, what the heck.

The film opens with a Tristan explaining some basic anatomy in front of a small group of women. She goes over the basics, and makes sure to mention areas that most men find the most sensitive. She also mentions that it’s important to discuss with your partner where you want him to cum, because a great number of women either don’t like the taste or just don’t want to swallow. I was particularly pleased that she included this in the video, because too many women I know personally are passive about letting a man cum wherever they please because they don’t want to seem like prudes. It’s a personal preference, not to be judged. Personally, I have no problem letting a man cum in my mouth, but I’m very selective with whom I swallow….I’ve only swallowed twice in my life, actually, and the most recent (about a month ago) was because the man had the sweetest cum ever. In fact, he mentioned that he had been eating a lot of pineapple, and I could taste it in his cum, for sure.

This diet-cum correlation is mentioned by Tristan in the video. She explains that while it’s not scientifically backed up, many people report changes in the taste of their cum based on things they eat. She goes on to explain that pineapple is one thing that tends to improve taste, where asparagus can actually make cum taste more bitter. Thanks to my recent swallowing experience, I’m a believer.

The first couple to demonstrate techniques are Christian and Roxy. After some brief discussion, Tristan invites Christian to get naked so Roxy can perform the demonstration. Tristan explains the importance of taking time to look, taste, and smell before jumping right into the blow job.

Then, she goes over the basic steps of a good blow job: Warm up, Experiment, Rhythm, and Orgasm.

Warm up: During warm up, Roxy treats Christian’s cock like a drippy ice cream cone. I was honestly impressed with the movements Roxy’s tongue made during warm up. She genuinely seemed to enjoy it as much as Christian.

Experiment: After warming things up, phase two is basically trying different things that your partner may enjoy. It’s important to realize that not all men like the same things, so it’s vital to a good blow job to try different things. Whether you’re gauging his response via twitches and sighs or you are asking for verbal feedback, this is the time to try out your arsenal of techniques or do some exploring.

This video provides a variety of things to try, that most men respond positively to. My only qualm about this scene is that ball sucking is done quite fervently and is accepted graciously and universally by all men involved. In fact, this is a trend throughout the entire video. In my experience, ball sucking is very touch and go. Gentle licks, light sucking, yes, good. Full on balls in the mouth sucking? Not great. I’ve complied a few quotes by 3 anonymous men on the subject of ball sucking:

“Ouch. I don’t want my balls touched at all, actually.”

“It’s nice, but easily overdone and heavy suckers are not so nice….If daftly done, can be delightful, if not.. stomach-pain inducing.”

“Light licking is good, but I don’t like having my balls sucked. It makes me nervous.”

So, you can see that ball sucking, even in my group of contacts, isn’t universally accepted as pleasant.

Rhythm: This is the phase of the blow job in which you implement the technique with which your partner best responded. And, barring breaks, you stick with it until he cums.

Orgasm: I don’t need to spell this one out, right?

Overall, I thought the workshop session of the video was sex positive and somewhat enlightening, though mostly redundant. However, to people who have never given a blow job, it could be incredibly useful.

After the workshop, there are three additional couples (all M/F) that demonstrate (with or without commentary) various ‘types’ of blow jobs: Submissive, Hand to Mouth, Sloppy, Sixty-nine, Sensual, and Advanced (deep throat).

Just a few notes on these various scenes, because I don’t want to give everything away. First, they were all fairly exciting to watch, but again, as far as instruction, they were fairly redundant for the skilled blow job…er, giver? For the novice, they may give lots of insight.

I was really excited to watch the Submissive scene, because I equated submissive with face fuck – and I love a good face fuck. So when there wasn’t as much dominance and forceful face fucking, I was a bit let down. Maybe it’s my fault for assuming….

The Hand to mouth scene, I found to be the most informative and stimulating to watch. Roxy was able to work her hands and mouth on Christian’s cock in such a skilled way….I was pretty jealous, actually. I’m gonna have to study that scene. Also in the scene, we see that Christian has a prostate stimulating vibrator inserted, which is further discussed in the extras.

The sloppy scene I found RIDICULOUS. I’m all for a little messy fun, but the saliva in this scene was excessive, in my opinion. The gal looked like she just got off a shift working at KFC. And also, she had a very large and noticeable booger. Gross.

Finally, I want to mention that I am highly impressed with the fact that the uncircumcised penis is featured in this video on one of the men. I’ve handled a couple in my life, and it can be intimidating if you’ve never encountered an uncut penis. There was discussion on foreskin retraction, arousal, and communication – all important things to have info on before embarking on play with an uncut penis.

There are also extras in this video, including behind the scenes discussions with the actors, commentary with Tristan, and a lube tasting party scene.

To sum it up, I think this is a great video for those who are new to blow jobs, curious or new to prostate play, or new to uncircumcised penises. Also, it’s fairly helpful for tips on techniques, particularly the hand to mouth scene, in my case. There are informative scenes with all those things, certainly. I wouldn’t buy this if you are looking for simply porn. Because, porn it is not.

Thanks to Babeland for sending me this video to review!

Interested in purchasing your own copy? Head over to Babeland!


Flexi Felix – Review

It’s no secret – I’m not exactly schooled when it comes to anal play. When I began experimenting used a fairly large toy that almost scared me away all together. But, after I calmed down and regrouped, I decided I would keep my eyes open for a more realistic starting point and try again.

Fascinations thought a good choice for me might be the Fun Factory Flexi Felix anal beads. The Flexi Felix beads are only 1″(the largest bead) in diameter and the chain has 10″ of insertable length, which I felt was a much more reasonable place to begin.

So far so good. But, oh, I was nervous.

The day I got my package from Fascinations, I knew what was inside awaiting me – the toy that would be my first. I opened the box with trepidation, first noting how discreet and well packaged it was. Inside was the 100% silicone toy itself, a few inserts with directions and photos of some other amazing Fun Factory toys, as well as a small package of water based lube.

Now, while I’d never successfully completed any anal play before, I knew from other people’s experiences that being fully aroused before beginning was immensely helpful. Not a problem. Using my trusty hand made glass dildo and my perfect pet vibe, I set out to get myself excited, but not fully climax before the Flexi Felix was in place.

When I reached my goal of arousal, I put the dildo and vibe down, and opened the package of lube. Using the whole packet, I lubed both myself and the Flexi Felix up. LOTS of lube.

Insertion was…..interesting. It was uncomfortable initially, until each bead popped in all the way, but once the beads were IN, they felt nice. And with the Flexi Felix, the beads gradually get slightly larger as you get closer to the head, so I felt like by the time I got to the largest, I was well prepared.

Once all five beads were in place, I took a few moments to get used to the feeling. It was….different. Not unenjoyable, but certainly unfamiliar. After I familiarized myself with the sensation of anal stimulation, I grabbed my perfect pet vibe and went back to clit stimulation. Wow. That was very nice.

When I found myself at the brink of climax, I grabbed my glass dildo and inserted it. The sensation of being stimulated both vaginally and anally simultaneously was nothing short of fantastic. Each thrust with the dildo kind of nudged the beads for more internal stimulation. I really enjoyed that.

I quickly climaxed and again, I enjoyed the stimulation the Flexi Felix provided while inserted.

And then some scary stuff happened. For some reason, I just assumed that taking the beads out would be as simple as a gentle tug. I mean, a dildo slips right out of my vag when I’m done using it…should be the same concept, right? Well….no. Not at all. Removing the Flexi Felix was a bit of an ordeal, only because I didn’t know what to expect. I put my fingers in the cute/weird little eye holes and gently tugged. Nothing.

At this point, I immediately get irrationally worried that I won’t be able to get it out. This, obviously makes things more…..tense….and thus makes removal even more difficult.

I realized the error I made, and willed myself into a calm place. Then, once I was fully relaxed, I prepared myself for some pressure, and gently pulled.

Whew! One down, four to go. And because they were being removed, the biggest bead was the first one out, so things got easier with each bead removal.

Once the Flexi Felix was safely removed, I was able to easily clean it under running water. And because it is 100% silicone, I was also able to boil it to sterilize (you can also bleach it or throw it on the top shelf of your dishwasher with no soap) so it can be shared between partners after sterilizing. If you aren’t planning to sterilize, but plan to share, make sure to use a condom over the Flexi Felix.

Let’s talk about this toy. The quality of the Flexi Felix is impeccable. No obvious seams, medical grade silicone, beautiful color (available in black and pink), and very affordable. Also, take note that because it is silicone, only water based lubes are safe for this guy.

I’m extremely impressed with not only the quality of the Flexi Felix, but with Fascinations for carrying high quality toys like this at affordable prices. Thanks to Fascinations for helping this anal newbie take the plunge!

Want to try the Flexi Felix anal beads yourself? Or maybe you’d like to check out some of the other high quality selection Fascinations carries? Go ahead, check out the links!