The only thing we had in common was a fondness for his cock. We made a solid effort to make things platonic, him taking me out for innocent activities, but we’d always end up unable to keep our hands off of each other. We went through this song and dance frequently, knowing we would never end up together, but unable to deny the shared sexual chemistry.

It always started the same. The silence we shared in his car, knowing both of our thoughts were revolving around all of our previous encounters, only to be broken by one of us going in for a kiss. With his lips pressed against mine, my logic took it’s leave. I craved his touch…whatever the cost. His kisses, frantic and lustful, were always enough to get me wet. The feeling of his hand gripping the back of my neck, fingers grazing my hair, conveyed a shared inability to contain this lust. Within moments of that initial silence, my pants would be loosened, his frenzied fingers fucking me.

Peeling my shirt away, I gave him free reign to lavish my breasts with his demanding mouth. Always thorough with the task at hand, he bathed my breasts with kisses, sucks, and licks, before licking his own fingers clean of my arousal. I removed my remaining clothing, climbed onto him and let my body envelop his stiff cock. Moving his hands to my ass, he commandeered my ride as I willfully submitted to his direction. Passionately, uncontrollably succumbing to our longing, we regularly fucked our friendship out of the realm of innocence.

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