Fuck me, please.

Before my eyes were even open, my mind sprung to the events of the night before. The feeling of his fingers gripping onto my hips as I bounced on his cock, still fresh in my mind. Recounting the details of our furious fuck session, my panties were already soaked with desire for him.

With a groan and a kiss on my neck, he pulled my body against himself, his stiff cock pressing against me. Shoving myself back against him, I signaled that I wanted him to bend me over and fuck me like he had only hours before.

Wrapping his arm around my body, he slid his hand into my panties. He rubbed his fingers along my cunt, moaning with excitement at how wet I was already. Thrusting two fingers inside my body, his thumb rubbing my clit, he fucked me with reckless abandon.

I pulled out his cock, impassioned and slippery, and worked my hands along it’s length. Feeling him pulse and twitch in my hand, I knew exactly how to bring him to the brink.

Unable to go on without feeling his cock pound into me, I got on my knees and bent over.

“Fuck me, please. I need it. I need you to fuck me now.”

Grabbing my hips, once again, he slammed into my body with vigor. Over and over, he filled my pussy with his unyielding masculinity.

Trembling, I ascended the familiar climax to ecstasy, before cumming on his still thrusting cock. Feeling my pussy clench against him brought him to the same peak.

Pulling out his cock and grabbing my ass with both hands, he grunted loudly while erupting onto my back. Breathing heavily, muscles weak, I couldn’t help but begin to count down the hours until round three.

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