Billy Castro does the Mission – Review

Ever since Britni wrote a post introducing me to Billy Castro, I’ve been pining away for him. Not only is he one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen, he is a female to male transman. Transmen are not my typical “type”, but there is something about him….his tattoos, his smile, his long eyelashes, his freaking abs. Oh, and the fact pleasing his sex partner seems to be his life goal. Billy Castro is invited to lay me down by the fire anytime.

When GoodVibes offered me a chance to review Billy Castro’s new full lenth porn, I couldn’t be more pleased! Directed by Courtney Trouble and shot in San Francisco, Billy Castro does the Mission is basically all about Billy Castro fucking four hot girls in various settings in The Mission district of San Francisco.

Scene one opens with Billy lifting weights, briefly, before taking out his cock and jerking off. This scene was enlightening, if slightly uneventful. What I enjoyed most about this scene was the way that it stayed totally masculine, even when Billy is simultaneously jerking off with one hand and reaching under the harness to stimulate his female anatomy with the other. I was quite surprised that I didn’t feel like I was looking at a person who was born a female….just a freaking hot guy jerking off. Also, his grunts and moans in this scene are just ridiculously arousing.

Scene two opens with Billy riding his bike to a liquor store, only to have it stolen by Dylan Ryan, in attempt to lure Billy to her place. Of course, he follows her and they end up in the hot tub for an amazingly hot scene. Normally, hot tubs and water sex doesn’t do it for me, but this scene was epic. First off, the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable. The way they kiss, the way they slap each other, the things he does to her with his fingers… wow. I would buy this porn for this scene alone, if nothing else. Hottest. Porn scene. Ever.

Scene two, featuring Jiz Lee, involves Billy going to a friend’s home to play video games. The two start out playing Wii, only to end up in a wrestling match fueled by sexual tension. I found this scene particularly sexy because I’ve been in a very similar situation before. The wrestling match turns into a super hot scene with Billy being extremely forceful with Jiz. There is a good amount of eye covering, slapping, and choking going, which she seems to quite enjoy, as evident by the huge puddle underneath her. After Billy fucks her in various positions, the scene comes to a close with Jiz squirting all over Billy’s face.

In scene three, Billy helps Akira Raine move her mattress into a Uhaul truck, where they end up fucking. Akira Raine is hot, and this scene is good eye candy for the movie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long.

The last scene is Billy coming home to his girlfriend, explaining he had the craziest day. His girlfriend, Lorelei Lee, is angry about him having been gone, and intends to punish him. The scene is hot because of the copious amounts of oral he gives her (always win), but I have to watch it with the sound off. The sounds Lorelei Lee make are so annoying, I feel like I’m at a fucking petting zoo when I hear her…and I’m not alone in that opinion.

Overall, I think this is the best porn I’ve seen. I’ve watched this thing over and over, and it makes me very hot and bothered every time. Five out of five stars.

Thanks to GoodVibes for letting me review this movie! Want? GoodVibes has you covered:

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